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5 Nov 2018

Hello, 07/11/2018 Due to Diwali, a national holiday in our country, new orders and support replies will be delayed for 1 day. Support will resume on 08/11/2018 Regards AwesomeRDP Team

16 Oct 2018

Hello, Due to Holiday in our country, new orders and support replies will be delayed for 2 days 18/10/2018 and 19/10/2018. Regards AwesomeRDP Team

6 Oct 2018

Hello, The users of USA Admin RDP and USA VPS Users please open a support ticket with your login details. The Ips need to be changed. Regards AwesomeRDP Staff

15 Aug 2018

Hello, Happy Independence Day to all of our clients. It's a national holiday in our country. All the orders placed today will be processed on 16.08.2018. Regards AwesomeRDP Team

14 Aug 2018

Hello, In one of our USA VPS server's Raid card has failed. We had to change the server's Raid card and the Disks. We have already sent new details to the clients. If you didn't receive the details kindly open a support ticket. Regards AwesomeRDP Support Staff

1 Apr 2018

Hello, Due to financial year ending in our country and weekend, some orders are delayed. All pending orders will be processed on Monday. Regards AwesomeRDP Staff

28 Mar 2018

Hello, A few USA servers are under maintenance from datacenter. Will be fixed in some hours. Regards AwesoemRDP Support

4 Mar 2018

Hello, Due to Holi festival in our country orders and support ticket response are delayed for 1-2 days. We wish you all a happy Holi. Regards AwesomeRDP Team

29 Sep 2017

Hello, We'll have DNS change for our site on 30/09/2017. So some clients might see the site is offline due to DNS cache. The situation should be back to normal in 24 hours. If you have any urgent issue please contact us at [email protected] Thank you

4 Sep 2016

Hello, Refer our services on forums, social media platforms and earn 10% commission. Contact via ticket for more details Regards AwesomeRDP Sales Staff

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